Puppy Waiting

List Policy




I keep a waiting list for people interested in purchasing a puppy from Red Velvet Toy Poodles. To go on the waiting list I require your names, choice of puppy, and phone number. I contact you via text message when a new litter arrives giving you the chance to purchase a puppy of your choice.  

If you choose to wait till puppies are available on the website, we ask that you continue to check the website for upcoming litters. You may visit our home once the puppies are born to put down your deposit to purchase your puppy. 


If you would like one of our beautiful future puppies and you can't wait you may jump the queue by paying your $500 deposit in advance. You may request a certain litter, certain color/sex.  You can visit our mums and dads before placing your deposit, and discover what amazing dogs they truly are. If you are unable to visit please request photos/video/facetime. You will be contacted once the litter is born and be first to choose your puppy. 

DISCLAIMER: We try our hardest to get the puppy you would like but sometimes nature doesn't cooperate. Sometimes the mums have all boys or all girls. But usually their is a mix.

CONTACT ANNETTE: Text 0400926278 to be placed on the waiting list or discuss priority waiting list.

Current Priority Waiting List:


Name:                      Parents:                                                Sex:                  Colour:                         Puppy Born        

Naomi                   Odessa & Tumbleweed                     Male                 Red or Mahogany       October 2021

Peter G.                 Scarlett and Tumbleweed               F or M              Red or Mahogany       February 2021

Melissa                  Scarlett and Tumbleweed               Female            Red or Mahogany       February 2021    Matt J.                   Scarlett and Tumbleweed.              Female             Mahogany Red.           February 2021

Anna.                     Scarlett and Tumbleweed               Female            Red or Mahogany       February 2021 


Monica.                 W/S or O and Tumbleweed.              Male                 Mahogany Red.           December 2021

Lyndall                   O or W  & Tumbleweed                     Female             Red or Mahogany       October 2021                                                                                                                                                         

Annabelle            Willow & Tumbleweed                      Female               Red                                 December 2021

P.                             Broulee & Tumbleweed                    Female.             Ruby                              December 2021 

Clara                      Broulee & Tumbleweed                    Male.                 Ruby                              December 2021

Michelle P.           Broulee & Tumbleweed                    Female.             Ruby                              December 2021 



The waiting list fills very quickly. If you are ready to welcome a puppy into your home it is recommend that you go on the priority waiting list to avoid disappointment.