The 12 Day Chicken Hatching Program


Egg Arrival Day


Before the eggs and chickens arrive you need to set up a table (at least 60cm x 100cm) near a double powerpoint.

I will bring everything needed to hatch out the chickens. This includes:

  • Delivery

  • Set up

  • Instructions

  • Educational materials

  • 24 hour back up support

  • 2-3 ready hatched chickens in a brooding box and Ecoglow safety heater

  • Clear view incubator with 7-8 eggs which are timed to hatch over the first week

  • Feeder and drinker

  • Bucket of chick starter crumbs

  • Bedding material to keep the chicks comfortable


Week 1 - Egg Hatching


On the day the eggs arrive they will start hatching. The hatching process can be observed through the transparent incubator provided. This is extremely exciting for everyone. A chicken may take up to 24 hours to hatch. Once they hatch they need to rest in the incubator for another 24 hours until they are fluffy and dry.


The chicks may then be transferred to the brooding box where they can start eating and drinking. By Friday if any eggs are unhatched they need to be disposed of and the incubator unplugged.




The chicks can be taken home for the weekend or someone will need to come in each day and check the chicks' feed and water.


Week 2 - Growing Chicks


By now all the chicks will be hatched and growing stronger. We encourage you to gently handle the chicks. This is a unique time for the children to enjoy the wonders of mother nature.


At the end of the week you have a choice of keeping the chicks or I will pick them up along with all the equipment. If you choose to keep the chicks you must keep in mind that half will be roosters and they must go to a home that has the infrastructure for chickens.


Keeping the Chickens (optional)


The chickens should always go home in groups of 3 or more as they are social creatures who need company.


If you have chosen to keep the chickens you will need to have the following for the first 6 weeks:


  • A box for the chickens to sleep in at night lined with newspaper and straw or wood chips

  • A heat source ie a heat lamp or hot water bottle wrapped in a towel to keep the chickens warm at night and on cold days

  • A small cage where they can run around, on grass, during the day when it is warm

  • A place where they can stay dry as cold rain will quickly kill young chickens

  • Access to water and chicken starter crumbs

  • Safety, away from predators. ie dogs, cats, foxes, birds such as hawks and other animals that may harm your chickens


After 6 Weeks - Permanent Care


You will need to have facilities to care for the chickens on a permanent basis. An enclosed chicken pen with access to green grass is best for your chickens. Keep in mind that half the chickens will be hens and half will be roosters.


At about 24 weeks (5-6months) old your hens should start laying healthy bright yoked eggs because they are free range.


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chicken hatching educational wollongong illawarra childcare schools nursing homes chick