Previous Puppies


My name is Teddy. My mother is Odessa and Father is Tumbleweed.

 I live with a beautiful family. I get to go shopping in a handbag.


My name is Harley. I spent my first 8 weeks living with the Gibson family. My mother is Rose and Father is Rusty.

I was adopted by Zoe and Anthony. I am now spoilt rotten, they take me swimming in the surf.


My name is Bear, my mother is Scarlett and my Father is Tumbleweed.

I was adopted by Byron. I have a wonderful life on a farm in South Australia. 


My name is Joy. I am a gorgeous intelligent girl who lives with a large busy family. My mum is Scarlett. 

I was adopted by Mandy. I have many other friends in my new home, as my new family loves animals.


My name is Bear. I live with a beautiful family who have trained me to do amazing tricks. I am very intelligent. My mum is Mello and Dad is Tumbleweed

I was adopted by Stephanie. I am a tiny handbag sized dog and love to get dressed up and play with Stephanie's children, we are best friends.


My name is Riko. I was the biggest and fattest boy in the litter. My mother is Rose and Father is Rusty.

I was adopted by Penny, Chris, Charlie, Lilly and Louis. I am a big beautiful boy who has become best friends with 2 year old Louis. I hang out with him all day, we get up to all sorts of mischief.


Our names are Bonnie and Jazz. We are two gorgeous girls who both went to the same family. Our mother is Rose and Father is Rusty.

My Name is Baily.  Our mother is Odessa and Father is Tumbleweed.

My name is Lulu. I am a pocket sized Cavoodle. My Mum is Honey and Dad is Tumbleweed

My name is Ruby. I was only 83grams at birth. My Mum is Willow and Dad is Tumbleweed.

My name is Ringo. I am a  Cavoodle. My Mum is Honey and Dad is Tumbleweed

We were adopted by Pete, Jude, and four children. We have had a really fun time growing up together where we are adored by 4 girls and a mum and dad. We have impeccable manners and can do all sorts of tricks. 

I was adopted by Stefanie. I am a tiny handbag sized dog and I am a beautiful mahogany red. 

I was adopted by Cindy and Ben. I am a tiny 3.5kg Cavoodle. Everyone loves me. 

I was adopted by Jeremy . I am a tiny teacup dog.

I was adopted by Jenny, Ethan and Scarlett. I was lucky and cute enough to be used in a photo shoot.


Call: Annette on 0400 926 278


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