12 day chicken hatching experience or Wollongong & the Illawarra.

Call Annette on

0400 926 278


Providing an educational chicken hatching program to:
  • Schools and childcare centres
  • Aged care homes
  • Home hatching experience
  • Other educational facilities

Who we are.
I grew up on a farm and I have bred, cared for and loved chickens all my life. I am a school teacher with a passion for sharing my love of nature and animal husbandry with others.​

Book in early
We need at least 4 weeks notice before we bring our program to you as it takes a week to collect the best eggs from our free range chicken farm and 3 weeks to incubate the eggs. We are only hatching in September and October.

Quality Eggs Count
Before we bring the eggs to you, we candle them by shining a bright light through the egg. We can see if the embryo is alive or if it is a "dud" (colloquial for an unfertilized egg).


Call: Annette on 0400 926 278

Email: annettegibson277@live.com.au

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