About Chicken Hatching 2 U

Chicken Hatching 2 U specialise in providing a complete chicken hatching experience, for childcare centres, schools, colleges, care/retirement homes and individual homes in the Wollongong and Illawarra Regions. This includes north to Helensburgh, west to Mittagong and Bowral, and south to Nowra.


Delivery normally occurs on a Monday morning. We take great care when 'candling', to ensure that, to the best of our knowledge, there is a living embryo inside our eggs at the time of delivery. We will set up the equipment and place your eggs in the hatcher, and take the time to explain everything you need to know. We will leave a booklet with you on how to care for your chicks. The advice line is available 7 days a week, 7am until 9pm!


What to expect from your chicken hatching experience

Experience the wonder from the moment we deliver. You will see the eggs wobble and often hear cheaping from within the egg, just before hatching commences. At this point, why don't you cluck to the chick? (often a great source of amusement). But it does work. Listen in amazement as the chick cheaps back!


Temperature and humidity levels are closely controlled in sophisticated machinery during the main incubation period. This enables us to ensure a midweek hatch in your centre. The hatching process is normally complete by Thursday evening of the first week. Every moment can be observed through our 360 degree, high visibility hatcher. So you shouldn't miss a thing!


Once dry and fluffy, the chicks are transferred to our brooder box. We provide the latest safety heat lamp, bedding, food and drinker. Everything the chicks need. The brooder box is lightweight and easy to carry and can be moved easily into different rooms if needed. You can now enjoy watching the chicks and their antics. They grow and change quickly over the next few days, and can become quite tame. See their personalities and little characters develop. Which one will be your favourite?


On the Friday of the following week, I will return to collect all of the equipment and the chicks. It's a sad moment for many of our customers, when they have to say goodbye. For those wishing to keep the chicks , we can provide information on how to care for your chicken long term.


Chickens that are returned to us will join our very happy free range chicken farm near Kiama. below are some pictures of the life they will have.

Secondary Students love Chickens too.


Chicken Hatching 2 U started in a secondary science class. I was amazed at the interest the students took in the chicken hatching process. It brought science alive. I realised that this would be a great opportunity to share this miraculous experience with other students. 

Student at Shellharbour Anglican College enjoying the chicken hatching 2 u experience.

The purpose built chicken farm with coop and happy chickens grazing on fresh grass.

Some hens hiding in a wood heap. They think I don't know about the nest they have hidden in there.